Juanita Bynum Responds To Recent Arrest


Juanita-BynumJuanita Bynum Says She Was Wrongfully Arrested Over Debt



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Juanita Bynum, prophetic preacher, recording artist and author, has offered the following statement in response to her recent arrest in Dallas, Texas:

“I would like to begin my response by offering a sincere apology for my delay of response, due to the process for completing my consultation with my attorney.

“Please allow me the opportunity to address the unfortunate event that I was subjected to on Thursday, April 18, in Dallas, Texas.  Until recently, it was my understanding that a resolution had been reached involving a business dispute between Mr. Al Wash, of ALW Entertainment, and myself.

“I was wrongfully detained by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department for failing to appear in court several months ago for a civil court appearance—of which I knew nothing —involving the prior-mentioned business dispute.  I was later released after a brief court hearing on the matter.  I have not been found guilty of any fraudulent, unethical nor non-integral behavior.  Please see the attached apology from Mr. Wash that was sent to me on the day of my release, April 19, at 7:18 p.m.

“After showing due diligence by paying Mr. Wash $25,000 prior to April 18, Mr. Wash and I came to an impasse concerning who would be responsible for the total amount owed.  At the time, I was a client of Releve Entertainment, owned by Ms. Holly Carter.

“I will assert claims against Ms. Carter and Releve Entertainment, Los Angeles, for—at the very least—“breach of fiduciary duty” and “unjust enrichment,” due to the fraudulent nature of her “representation” of me during this business transaction.

“As a goodwill ambassador for Bayelsa State, Nigeria, I can no longer allow these individuals, or anyone else, to attack my character with impunity.

“Thank you for your prayers and support.”

juanita bynum arrest

According to court reports, the case involves a judgment that ordered Bynum to pay $140,000 to promoter Wash’s ALW Entertainment.  Wash sued Bynum for failing to perform in a play after she had been paid.

In an email from Wash to Bynum, he had this to say (and she referenced it in her statement):  “It was a misunderstanding of information.  Dr. Bynum is a spectacular person, and we are looking forward to doing great business together in the future.  I never meant for this situation to do her or her ministry any harm.  I am here to help people build their career, not destroy their career, and I will always believe in Dr. Bynum.”

Dr. Bynum’s Official Press Release & Response from Al Wash & ALW


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