Crossing Over, But Take The Cross – Joia Erin


Rapper David Banner


In 2008, popular gospel group Mary Mary recorded a song entitled, “Superfriend” with well-known secular rapper David Banner. The song did pretty decent in some markets, it was fun, high energy, but in all just a nice song for a secular rapper to cleanse his soul and perhaps gain a bigger following. Now, I’m not here to crucify David Banner or Mary, Mary but we have to make sure gospel lyrics are scriptural and Holy Spirit led. Who doesn’t like a catchy hook over a nice beat? But as Christians the way we listen to more serious forms of music should evoke a spiritual experience, all the time.  David Banner just released a mix tape this year entitled, (Sex, Drugs & Video Games, 2012) as a part of his most recent discography. Mary Mary is known to have several musical influences from secular artists including; Beyoncé, Jill Scott, LL Cool J and Brandy. However, it seems that secular artist’s lives are remaining the same, but gospel artist’s music, dress and influence seems to be mirroring that of non-Christian artists than holding true to the name of Jesus! The name of Jesus by many contemporary Christian/Gospel artists is being replaced with “You” “Healer” “My Friend” “He”. While it may not be necessary to say Jesus every other word, in gospel/Christian music there is no shortage of using the name of Jesus in lyrics. Can I get an AMEN?

When more seasoned famous gospel singer, songwriter and pastor John P.Kee was asked in Memphis, Tennessee in the listening lounge by a Hallelujah FM listener this summer on how he felt about Christian artists collaborating with secular artists, he was quoted saying, “I don’t mind the crossing over, as long as you take the CROSS with you”. So, are Christian/Gospel artists doing just that? Hmmm, let me think on that one and get back to you. Peace!

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